MoonDeploy 2.0 is ready!

I have always been fond of Java Web Start - I love the idea of clicking on a link in the web browser and having an application downloaded and run by a dedicated tool.

Unfortunately, I started noticing a few constraints in Java Web Start:

Of course, there are other great solutions, such as Getdown or ZeroInstall, but I wanted something new and very minimalist, still inspired by the existing ideas. And so I created MoonDeploy.

MoonDeploy is an open source tool designed to address the above issues:

This is just a brief summary of its features, but there is more! ^__^!

The new major version, just released, introduces a few enhancements, in particular:

You are all invited to visit MoonDeploy’s project page, which contains an up-to-date list of its features, in-depth considerations and the syntax reference of the app descriptor format.

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