The 7th version of my website is ready!

I'm glad to announce the new release of my website, now using Jekyll!

The former layout was fairly old - I designed its core in late 2010 - so I definitely needed a lighter, more modern UI...

A few weeks ago, I stumbled upon the brilliant Emerald theme, by Jacopo Rabolini, and I was definitely impressed by its simplicity and elegance - which is why I have chosen to employ it as the base for this new version!

The whole Software area has now moved to my GitHub account, making the source code easily accessible.

Another important piece of news is that Hephaestus, my Maven repository now mainly built with Gradle, has moved to Bintray!

Therefore, Hephaestus's new official URL is:; its artifacts can be downloaded using Gradle, Maven or other compatible technologies.

Last but not least, the News area has been superseded by my Twitter account: you are all invited to follow it! ^__^

If you are new to this website, please visit my introduction! ^__^