The 12th version of my website is online!

Almost 10 years have passed since the very first version of this website - which had just a couple basic CSS rules and not even a custom domain.

Over the years, it was a pleasure to delve into the world of web development; the main themes of this brand-new release are:

  • responsive design, to provide more customized experience on a wide range of devices
  • massive adoption of Bootstrap 4 to enhance GUI development
  • expandable Bootstrap cards to directly provide core information, with details on demand
  • Bootstrap carousel showing screenshots, description and references of my featured projects
  • improved use of Liquid templating constructs - especially parameterized includes and data files provided by Jekyll, to further minimize boilerplate markup
  • jQuery hook on document loading via modern ES 6 syntax
  • enhanced CSS 3 - such as more box shadows and text shadows

Last but not least, I have deleted my SlideShare account: please, update your references to my SpeakerDeck account.

I hope you'll enjoy this new version of my website! ^__^