Chronos IDE 2.0 is ready!

Chronos, my didactic programming language dedicated to Discrete Event Simulation (DES), has now reached version 2; it has definitely been a valuable and formative experience, as it is based on my very first context-free grammar.

Furthermore, while working on the project I have studied Scala in depth, as I was attracted by its elegance and flexibility - and I have appreciated it to the point that I have rewritten Chronos IDE - a JavaFX enhanced editor for Chronos - entirely in Scala and ScalaFX! ^__^

Chronos borrows ideas and constructs from SIMSCRIPT, Python, Scala and JavaScript, and it's especially suitable for students of Operations Research, as well as for anyone needing to quickly prototype a simulation in a didactic context.

Suggested links

  • Chronos IDE - edit and run Chronos programs in a friendly visual environment
  • Chronos - the virtual machine, to execute Chronos programs from within shell scripts
  • Chronos wiki - to quickly and easily learn the language