About this website


Marianne is a website providing a wide range of tools for learning the French language and culture:

The name of the website is dedicated to Marianne, one the most iconic French national symbols.

This project is part of Elysium, a vast open source linguistic project dedicated to the French language and culture.

About me

I started learning French at high school, back in the year 2000: since then, I have studied it year after year - getting DELF Scolaire certificates at Alliance Française Bologna while I still was at high school.

I continued studying French on my own even while I was at University (Computer Engineering) and in December 2013 I managed to pass DALF C1 - an examination dedicated to fluency in French.

I love studying natural languages - in particular, I have also created another website while exploring German.

For further information about me, please visit my personal website.

Special thanks


The data mining pages in this website are produced by Esprit, based on the excellent GLAWI project.

GLAWI is available under a Creative Commons By-SA 3.0 license (the same license as Wiktionary, from which it has been extracted).

For further information, please visit GLAWI’s website.

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